Aenon Health Kitchen @ Taman Miharja, Kuala Lumpur


    I think I may or may not have found the healthiest restaurant in KL or even in Malaysia itself? If you're a health junkie, vegetarian or vegan, then Aenon Health Kitchen would be no stranger to you. They serve 100% vegan food. There's no deep-fried food, no MSG, no caffeine and they only serve all natural and whole grain food! Basically all things healthy.
      Am I the only one that find all healthy restaurants have the same simple and clean looking set up? It's either white or green walls, white tables and chairs and the ambiance is always really calm and comforting. They also sell their homemade tao sa pia along with other organic products at the back of the restaurant. 
Love the brick walls that gives a modern vibe to the whole place 
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Cereal Coffee with Wholemeal Tao Sa Pia
   I was most excited to try their cereal coffee. I had quite high expectations on this cup of healthy and no caffeine coffee. I personally think it tasted like one of those flavoured cereal drink. It does have a bitter aftertaste but I find its taste rather artificial. This would definitely not fix your coffee cravings as it is lacking on the coffee taste. The wholemeal tao sa pia wasn't my favourite too. It is really crumbly and dry. 
2-layer Kopi Bing
    As a coffee lover, I just had to try all the coffee that they have on the menu. This 2-layer Kopi Bing is made with roasted barley from USA. Once again, don't expect the coffee here to taste like the actual thing. I felt like I was drinking a barley drink with just a slight hint of cocoa. 
Inari Dumpling 
    Inari is my all time favourite sushi and they do have quite a number of selections of inari. I chose one uncommon one just to try. It is what it is, dumpling filled with mushroom and carrots and wrapped in a rather thin slice of inari skin.
Claypot Mushroom Brown Rice
Comprises of mushrooms, fresh greens and soy meat.
   This was the main dish that I was most excited for because I love clay pot rice. It looks really dry and yes, it is indeed very dry if you eat it without the soup. I would prefer cooked veges over raw ones for this occasion. The portion is quite small but for the price of RM12.90 and the fact that it's healthy, it's acceptable. This dish was quite a let down and there's nothing much to shout about besides that it's healthy.
Yam Rice with Herbal Soup
    The yam rice was alright but the herbal soup does settle on the lighter side compared to your usual herbal soup. The soup somehow gave me this pure and innocent taste. I like that there's 3 big pieces of mushrooms and a great amount of tofu given!
Turmeric Nyonya Laksa
      Turmeric has properties that inhibits cancer growth and it is also anti-inflammatory. This was easily my favourite dish out of everything that I tried that day. The laksa soup is pack with the strong and pungent taste from the turmeric. I also find that squeezing lime over the laksa does makes it taste way better! 
   We actually finished our meal but dad saw this and said "We have to try this! It's not always that you get to have millet dumplings." Millets are basically a healthier option for rice and it was my first time trying them. The ones in this dish are sticky as dumpling rice are meant to be sticky. They are really generous with the mushrooms and cashews.
Brown Rice Yam Cake

   Dad wanted to try this too. It was alright although I didn't quite like eating it with the chilli sauce that gave. The sauce tastes like the ones you'll get with chicken rice and I'm not a fan of that taste combinatio

Overall Verdict: 

Food: I think I'm just not used to the bland taste of healthy foods. I love my herbal soup and coffee to be stronger in flavour and taste. If light tasting food are your thing, I'm sure you'll enjoy the food here but not for me.

Price: 8/10. Really affordable for a healthy restaurant but do take note that some dishes's portion are quite small.

The service was quite bad actually. I think the waiter that served us is still new because he was really slow and kinda unsure of what he's doing. All dishes take a long time to be served, even the drinks.

Would I return?: Yes, for the laksa and also to try their new items! There's "chicken" xiao long bao! 

(disclaimer: all opinions are my own and may differ to others)


Address: 1, Jalan 4/93, Taman Miharja, 55200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Do take note that they are close on Friday and Saturday :)


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