First Impression On Canmake, Catrice, Maybelline, Rimmel [DRUGSTORE]

I think I'm finally entering the phase of loving makeup. Before this, I never really cared much or went crazy over makeup. There was even one video of mine where I mentioned that I hate putting on makeup. Well, I guess not anymore. 
 I'm the type of person that you would call, unadventurous. I'll use a product and will keep repurchasing it. Call me boring, but I just can't be bothered to try new ones. This year, I've made up my mind that I am going to try more new makeup products! If you've been watching my Youtube videos, you would surely know that I'm using the 4th Maybelline's Instant Age Rewind concealer and that I had been using my  Mary Kay liquid foundation for more than 4 years. Well, it's time to put a pause on those and explore some new ones to try.
  I find trying new products really exciting because sometimes you may find some gems or.... the other way round. I did a mini makeup splurge during the recent Guardian sales and had gotten …


A little back story. I actually made these pancakes before back in 2015 but using only two ingredients, banana and eggs, and it tasted so bad that I had to throw away a big bowl of the batter. I even told myself to never make these again.
Last weekend, I decided to give it a go again and guess what, this is now my favourite thing to have in the morning! Top it off with fruits and a drizzle of honey and you'll have a hearty and healthy pancake! If you love pancakes, healthy ones, then you should really try making this. This easy, 4 ingredients only pancake is not something new on the internet but I thought I would still blog about it and add it to my little "Clumsy Kitchen" section.


*Warning! Do not read this right before heading to bed! The contents here will make you crave for chocolates*  Occasionally, mum will come home with food, snacks, or chocolates from friends or friend's friend and it's always an exciting night for us whenever that happens. Last night, mum brought back a white rectangular box of chocolates from SEE'S CANDIES, which I've not heard before. To be honest, I wasn't really that interested in it at first because I'm not a fan of assorted chocolates. I prefer eating off a bar. But still, I opened it and had a look anyway.   OH MY GOD. That was the exact words that came out of my mouth when I opened the box. If the chocolates in there doesn't makes you drool, you're weird. I immediately dropped that ego of mine and tried some! Choosing the first piece to try was harder than I thought. I've never did a chocolate review before and this really is something that I even have to blog about it! 
Let's just get str…

Breakast Buffet: Belcancao @ Four Seasons Hotel, Macau

A good breakfast equals to a good start to the day. Well, most of the time. This is also why breakfast is even more important and a thing that I look forward to the most when I'm on a holiday. On our second day in Macau, we started off our day with a breakfast buffet at Belcancao which is in Four Seasons Hotel.  Whether you feel like having Japanese, Korean, Western, Chinese cuisine or even nasi lemak, they have it all. This will be one of those days where you'll find yourself spending too much time on breakfast though I don't mind sitting here for hours especially with the atmosphere in there that is somewhat classy yet comfortable. They also have a outdoor sitting area if you want some natural morning air to accompany your meal. You wouldn't miss this wide spread of pastries as it is just right in front of the entrance. For a pastry lover, this was a little bit too overwhelming for me. There's  croissant, Portuguese egg tarts, Spinach Cheese Quiche, Cranberry Tw…

MyBurgerLab @ Mytown, Cheras

It was a late Sunday night and I was just scrolling through Instagram, catching up with everyone's Instastories, going on the explore page and stalking food accounts (I stalk food, not people). I spend a good half an hour, staring at pictures of burgers, which is rather rare as I don't fancy burgers. I then went to bed that night with a huge craving for burgers. I was literally having a mad attack for burgers.
 The next day, I was still craving for a goddamn burger ok. The only place that came to my mind that could possibly fix that craving of mine was MyBurgerLab so I went and search for their Instagram. Andddd..... guess what? That very week, MyBurgerLab opened a new outlet in Cheras! I literally shouted "OMGGGG YAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS (it was a long one)!" aloud and started telling my friends and family about it! So that's my little story. 
 I had always wanted to try MBL but their other outlets are too far from where I stay and it's really inconvenient to…