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"Noodle LAH!" was where we had our first meal in Hong Kong. Pretty sure the word "Lah" seems familiar to us Malaysians and that is because this restaurant was founded by a Malaysian. I've been to their previous outlet 5 years ago, but I was still small back then so the memory is quite blurred. 
I've always find cute and quirky menus make the whole experience more memorable and fun! I'm really glad that I only had to decide what to eat based on their breakfast menu as I'm pretty sure that I'll have a harder time deciding, if I was given the actual menu to choose from.  I was craving for a hearty bowl of soup as I wasn't feeling well after our ferry ride from Macau earlier. Their Hearty Fufu ($40/RM20) really did satisfied my cravings. It is a bowl of tomato soup with fusili, minced pork, fried eggs and veggies. If you're homesick or you just miss home cooked food in general, order this as it will bring you closer to home.
I was told that…

My Daily Routine During High School & Balancing Between Tuition & School

What time do you sleep? How long do you study? How many hours do you sleep? These are just a few of the many questions that I receive all the time. I recently uploaded a video where I shared about my daily routine during high school that comprises of weekend and weekdays during normal schooling months, during examination months and also on how to juggle between tuition and school. [click here to watch the video]
A lovely viewer suggested for me to write a post about it so that everyone would be able to refer back and digest everything easily so here's the post :) *Do take note that you do not have to follow my schedule exactly and be sure to adjust it according to your own daily activities*
My Daily Routine[Schooling Months]1. Weekdays
      If my classes ends at 1:10pm:- 5:30am: Wakes up and head to school2pm-3pm: Shower, eat, rest (would always take +/- 1 hour of rest)3pm-6:30pm: Do school works/study6:30pm-8pm: Dinner break + 2nd rest 8pm-11pm: Study11pm-11:30pm: Pack my bag, cat…

Dim Sum Brunch @ Grand Imperial Restaurant - Pinnacle Sunway

Although there're no rules as to when you should have dim sum, why do I always find that Sunday mornings are the best time to have them? Tell me I'm not the only one. Anyway, my mum told me that she would be having dim sum for brunch with a group of friends and that it would be at Grand Imperial which she also said that they do nice dim sums there. So I asked to tag along mainly because, first, it's a dim sum brunch and second, it's on a Sunday. Cun!
We went to the outlet in Sunway. As expected, it was really busy and most of them are here for the dim sums. Do note that Grand Imperial usually serve lunch and dinner. Dim sums are only on Sundays and public holidays. (told you, the best time for dim sum is on a Sunday) The set up is like a ballroom and there're crystal chandeliers, giving a touch of classiness. They have a little section too where they have curry fish ball with pig skin, yellow rice wine with black fungus, egg tarts, baked chicken wing with honey sa…

Anjappar Indian Chettinad Restaurant @ Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur

EAT WHAT LEH? My love for Indian cuisine grew in me all of a sudden. Growing up, I had always liked eating roti canai and I've only ever tried the different varieties of the roti(s). My first ever banana leaf rice experience was last year and only then did I realised that there're actually so much more to the cuisine that I've yet to try.

A thing about me is that I have to eat cuisines in the most authentic way possible. I don't like the idea of traditional dishes being given a modern touch. Low key referring to all the different versions of nasi lemak that we now have. Seriously though, nasi lemak cheesecake? *facepalms*
Anyway, I was craving for biryani so I asked my friend, Shalini to bring me for some authentic biryani and that was how we ended up in Anjappar. Anjappar was founded in Chennai, India in 1964 and even has franchises in Australia, Canada, United States and a few more countries.
We arrived before 12pm on a Thursday and it was already packed with working…

Guide To Instagramable Spots In Ipoh!

If you're not familiar with the term "Instagramable", it is basically a word people uses these days for places, food, objects that is good enough to be posted on Instagram. You have the Instagramable cafes, coffees, ice-creams, basically anything that'll make your feed looks wowwwzzzaaaa.   I recently went to Ipoh which if I've written a blog post about what we ate, see and did there (click here) and also uploaded 3 vlogs on my channel (Part 1, Part 2,Part 3) and had posted many pictures from the trip that I think were "Instagramable". I've asked you all on Instagram whether should I make a guide to all the spots/places I went and majority voted "Yes" so here are some of my favourite spots. 1) The Yellow & Blue Building We stumbled across this building after our breakfast at Kedai Kopi Sin Yoon Loong. It is just across the road and it is definitely hard to miss! Almost similar to the Choi Hung Estate in Hong Kong just that their'…

What We Did, Ate & See In Ipoh

Most of you might not know this but I was actually born in Ipoh. I used to find Ipoh boring because whenever we're there, we just stay indoors and spend time with our relatives. We don't go to the town area or have breakfast at kopitiams (coffee shop).
  Now that I'm older (not that old ok), I love exploring cities, food hunting and taking pictures. I told my family that we are not going to lock ourselves at home for this trip! I did some research of places that we should eat or go and created a little itinerary. So here is a short breakdown of what we did, where we ate and went!
[watch my Ipoh vlogs: Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3] What We Ate?1) Breakfast @ Kedai Kopi Sin Yoon Loong
 I just realised that in my 19 years of living, I've never tried Ipoh white coffee in Ipoh. We always go back for the Ngar Choy Gai, Heong Piah, and the yee mee near my uncle's place. So I asked Mr.Google where can I taste the best Ipoh white coffee? There were quite a few suggestions but…