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Newly Opened Starbucks Reserve @ Four Seasons Place, KLCC!

Another Starbucks Reserve has recently opened in Kuala Lumpur and this time it is at Four Seasons Place. I'm not a regular at Starbucks so I didn't know that Starbucks Reserve was already around. Seeing that I was just nearby, I thought I would drop by to take a look and see how it differs from the ordinary Starbucks outlets. They kept the interior minimal and only has a statement decoration which is the lighting fixtures, that gives the whole space a modern yet sophisticated look. Below, is the coffee making space for the reserved bean's drinks. Right across is the normal ordering counter, cake displays, merchandise etc.
I love this part of the cafe the most. Really love the dark grey walls that is decorated with copper decorations.
I talked to one of the barista there and she told me that the ones that will be brewing the "Reserve" drinks are actual coffee masters. Pick the type of beans you want and the brewing method! They also have merchandise under the &qu…

Brunch at Wizards At Tribeca @ Imbi

Follow my food account @fixingcravings on IG for daily food reviews! I've had been seeing pictures and reviews of this place all over the internet recently and was curious as to what is all the hype about, that I decided to pay a visit and see for myself. From the same team behind The Red BeanBag and Yellow Brick Road (which I've not been to), Wizards at Tribeca is a newly opened restaurant this year. We reached there just past noon on a Sunday, and there were already few groups of people queueing up. Seeing that there are still quite a few tables that haven't been serve and there are a few groups queueing before me, I was already planning to leave. (I'm impatient haha) But thankfully, we didn't had to wait long. You really have to avoid lunch hours during the weekends!  The colour palette used for the interior creates a tropical vibe and the light fixtures, which I think is the statement of this space looks interesting. In all the pictures that I've seen peop…

OMULAB @ Seksyen 17, PJ [Japanese Fluffy Omelette]

Follow my food account @fixingcravings on IG for more daily food reviews! It was late at night on a Monday, and I was doing what I do best, scrolling through food accounts on Instagram and I somehow ended up on Omulab's account. I found my self binged watching all the ever so satisfying videos of people slicing open their fluffy omelette that I had a sudden crave attack and FOMO. I then asked my friend to bring me there (I don't drive) for lunch on Wednesday.   Tucked in a row of shops in Seksyen 17, Omulab is definitely hard to miss as I can already spot that two "eggy heads" from far. It is also very thoughtful of Omulab because they have private parking space, just a drive further down the road for their customers.
  We reached there just before 12pm and there were only a few tables occupied. They kept the interior minimal with pops of yellow yet still keeping up with the trend of neon signs and industrial looking lights. All their mains comes with their fluffy o…


Etude House is a brand that I've heard of but never actually given any interest towards. Earlier this year, I went to the outlet at Sunway Pyramid for the first time and gosh was I overwhelmed with everything! From the decorations to the brightly lighten never ending makeup counters, this is truly every girl's makeup paradise. This place will make any "not-so-into makeup girls" (me) to fall in love with makeup!  This is their Sunway Velocity outlet, which is slightly smaller in comparison to the one at Sunway Pyramid. I had been contemplating over whether should I get one of their lipsticks for months now and I've finally decided to get it. Choosing only one lipstick wasn't easy. I mean, just look at all the different types, colours and cute packaging! No doubt, I went for the Dear My Glass-Tinting Lips-talk in the shade #BR402! Glass tint and glass skin is now a thing in the Korean beauty world. Similar to a tinted lip balm, it has this sheer finishing to i…

Noodle Shack @ IPC Shopping Mall

[This is my second review at Noodle Shack. If you haven't check out my first one, where I tried all of their meat-less dishes, click here to read]
 Ever since the first time I discovered this place, it had became my go-to place for good yet affordable noodles. The dishes here do not contain MSG, another point added to the board. I actually had a chat with one of the owner, Natalie, and she told me that both her husband and herself are allergic to MSGs so they always make sure that their dishes do not contain any. 
 Although I've had many meals there, I've never tried their other dishes as I'm already pleased with their meat-less ones and I always eat the same thing. Boring, I know. But hey, I finally decided to try something else and here are my thoughts on them. This is basically "Pan Mee". To my non-Chinese readers, Pan Mee is a Hakka-style noodle and there's the dry and soup version. Here, you'll get a good amount of bean curd skin, black fungus and …


A little back story. I actually made these pancakes before back in 2015 but using only two ingredients, banana and eggs, and it tasted so bad that I had to throw away a big bowl of the batter. I even told myself to never make these again.
Last weekend, I decided to give it a go again and guess what, this is now my favourite thing to have in the morning! Top it off with fruits and a drizzle of honey and you'll have a hearty and healthy pancake! If you love pancakes, healthy ones, then you should really try making this. This easy, 4 ingredients only pancake is not something new on the internet but I thought I would still blog about it and add it to my little "Clumsy Kitchen" section.