Guide To Instagramable Spots In Ipoh!

  If you're not familiar with the term "Instagramable", it is basically a word people uses these days for places, food, objects that is good enough to be posted on Instagram. You have the Instagramable cafes, coffees, ice-creams, basically anything that'll make your feed looks wowwwzzzaaaa.
  I recently went to Ipoh which if I've written a blog post about what we ate, see and did there (click here) and also uploaded 3 vlogs on my channel (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) and had posted many pictures from the trip that I think were "Instagramable". I've asked you all on Instagram whether should I make a guide to all the spots/places I went and majority voted "Yes" so here are some of my favourite spots.

1) The Yellow & Blue Building

We stumbled across this building after our breakfast at Kedai Kopi Sin Yoon Loong. It is just across the road and it is definitely hard to miss! Almost similar to the Choi Hung Estate in Hong Kong just that their's have more colours and is cuter. But hey, at least you don't have to go all the way there for a colourful building! Here's one in Ipoh and it's equally as pretty.

2) Market Lane

Search for "Bella Zia", a gelato shop and at the same row, you'll see a home stay painted in blue. Market lane is right next to it. This is the place where you can get up to 5 Instagramable pictures (haha no joke)

These pictures are my favourites from this trip!
Not forgetting the murals! They have quite a few here at Market Lane!

3) The Yellow Wall

*Disclaimer: Those rainbow sprinklers are not part of the wall. I edited it myself. I couldn't find the original picture*

When there's a coloured wall, it's an Instagramable spot! (nahh, it depends actually). I like how the "Jalan Market" sign is like a white lamp post. So yeah, another spot!Just walk till the end of Market Lane and turn left!

4) The Hipster Wall

I call this the hipster wall because it feels hipster to me, especially with the neon lights. This wall belongs to a Korean clothing shop called What To Wear. They do sell cute clothing in there! If you're decked in street wear and need a cool wall for your ootd pictures, here's the spot for you! [ps: My shirt says Ipoh Mali & that's the Ipoh white coffee #winning]

5) For The Pink Feed

If you have a pink feed, this is the perfect place for your pictures! Painted in baby pink, this shop called "Catch A Toy" would definitely draw attentions to your pictures! Perfect place for an ootd too. If you love neon lights, come here at night as the lights from the toy machines would give you the Brandon Woelfel aesthetics and make your pictures a whole lot cooler!

6) Roads and Cars

I love taking ootds on the road/by the road, featuring buildings, cars and humans. I'm so glad that I came across this spot! Right across Patisserie Boutique, you'll find a building that is painted in the prettiest baby blue with gold detailings. I love this junction because you have the greens at the back, chanelling the urban city vibes.

7) Ipoh Railway Station

Another Instagrammable location for your ootd(s) is definitely the railway station. I once took the train from KL to Ipoh, and I remember very well that they have prettier architecture in the station but we're not allowed to enter so we only took pictures outside.
My sister and I were just taking pictures against white walls when a lady told me "Come come. Let me show you this one spot for a nice picture. You can see the buildings at the back from this spot. Don't just take against the walls." She asked me to stand there so I did and the picture turned out very nice! 
Everywhere also nice! 

Or.... you can also walk opposite to the area around the Ipoh Town Hall. The walk ways around it are really pretty and it makes you feel like you're overseas!
Look! Stand up also nice! Sit down also nice! 

8) Padang Ipoh

Who doesn't love greeneries? I've always liked featuring nature, trees, flowers in my pictures (whenever I can) and this place is just the perfect place for that. You have a whole stretch of grass, blue skies, and sometimes if you're lucky, there'll be pigeons too (lots of them)

9) Petit Mary Patisserie

Not ashamed to say that I actually searched for "Instagrammable Cafes In Ipoh". There're many cafes now in Ipoh. You have the vintage ones, quirky ones and girly ones which I'm more drawn to. Petit Mary Patisserie is every girl's must visit cafe if you want to up your Instagram game! (gosh, I am using too many "internet terms" in this post)
You don't even have to enter the cafe yet to fully feel secure on one picture. Even just by standing outside, you can already get up to 5 Instagramable ootd pics. (ok I need to stop using the word Instagramable) but that's how pretty and cute this cafe is!
This is my favourite corner of the cafe. Flowers everywhere. Though taking this picture was slightly awkward and stressful because I was facing 7-8 tables of customers. It's okay, do it for the gram. Lighting here is pretty difficult to catch as the window is at the back.
Those are some of my favourite spots! I will be going back to Ipoh again in July and I hope to explore different places and cafes. Let me know if you like this type of posts and I will do more in the future! That is all from me today!

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