Is Eating Suki-Ya As A Vegetarian Worth It?


 Last month, my friend and I went to Suki-ya for lunch. As you know, the best part about Shabu-Shabu is the free flow of meats. We planned this in January, before I went on my meat-less diet. I didn't want to cancel the lunch as it was my treat for my friend's birthday and we had been waiting for it for months. As the days got nearer to our lunch date, I thought to myself "What exactly am I going to eat? Will it still be worth the money if I don't eat the meats?".
We went there on a Friday afternoon and it was really crowded and if not mistaken, there weren't any empty tables. I did called a week before to make reservations but they said that they only allow walk-ins now. 
    If you're unfamiliar with Suki-Ya, it is a Japanese restaurant. They have ala carte dishes but people mainly go for their all you can eat buffet. There's the buffet bar that has a good selection of items for your hot pots, a variety of sushi, dipping sauce and dessert bar.
  The two-compartments hot pot allows you to choose two different soups. They offer 4 different types: Miso, Shabu-shabu, Sukiyaki and Kimuchi. I went for the Miso one while Vinod went for the Shabu-shabu one (I chose for him haha). We both took a compartment each because I didn't want any meats to be in my soup.
   I started off with this two plates filled with fresh greens, corns, udon, and mushrooms. They have a great selection of greens and meat-less items which I was really happy about. I would suggest you to take the udon because it would keep you fuller and at least that way, you don't have to stuff yourself with only vegetables.
   Adding corns and vegetables first would also make your soup sweeter. Well, not that I have any other items to add anyway haha
    I then went and took tofus because #proteinforvegetarians. I went a little crazy with the tofu puffs because they are my absolute favourite!
 I haven't been to Suki-ya for a really long time so I completely forgotten that they had sauces! I could never eat my food without chilli but I have no idea how could I not remember to take them! Their misotare sauce (bean paste) is my favourite! I even refilled them thrice! It just makes the food 10x better. I also found out that raw eggs are also used as dipping sauce for the meat. Cool.
 I also had two eggs. Cracked them into the pot, and once the egg whites were slowly combining,scooped them up and there you go, a poached egg (kinda) with perfect runny yolk. I also added tons of their misotare sauce. You should definitely try this combo. Burned my tongue from the kick of spiciness of the sauce and also the heat from the egg!
   My side with only veges. I also had some of the sushis that has no meat, a cup of their green tea ice-cream and the chocolate one after that. Their not the best because the flavours are mild. 

Overall, you would definitely still feel full even if you're not having the meats. I was in a food coma after that. Although it won't be as worth it if you eat the meats, I still think that it is worth it as there are still many other items to choose from.


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