"Noodle LAH!" was where we had our first meal in Hong Kong. Pretty sure the word "Lah" seems familiar to us Malaysians and that is because this restaurant was founded by a Malaysian. I've been to their previous outlet 5 years ago, but I was still small back then so the memory is quite blurred. 

I've always find cute and quirky menus make the whole experience more memorable and fun! I'm really glad that I only had to decide what to eat based on their breakfast menu as I'm pretty sure that I'll have a harder time deciding, if I was given the actual menu to choose from. 
I was craving for a hearty bowl of soup as I wasn't feeling well after our ferry ride from Macau earlier. Their Hearty Fufu ($40/RM20) really did satisfied my cravings. It is a bowl of tomato soup with fusili, minced pork, fried eggs and veggies. If you're homesick or you just miss home cooked food in general, order this as it will bring you closer to home.

I was told that "DING" is basically instant noodles and the Luncheon "DING" ($38/RM19) is a bowl of noodles in chicken soup and topped with an fried egg and luncheon meats. I didn't get to try this.
 Their Flame Fried Cheung Fun ($38/RM19) stood out the most in the menu. It is not often that you'll see "fried cheung fun (rice noodles)" in menus but I'm pretty sure we have it in Malaysia. This dish comprises of chicken, bean sprouts, egg, preserved daikon and Ipoh soy sauce. It was slightly salty and I didn't liked it as much. I still prefer the normal version but everyone else, LOVED it. They even ordered a second plate.

Lah! Lo "DING" ($38/RM19) comprises of "DING" noodles tossed in Ipoh sweet soy sauce, minced pork, fried egg and mushroom. It was alright. Nothing much to shout about but I did ate 3/4 of it and I was supposed to share it with everyone. Is there such thing as a bowl of noodle being addictive?


Food: 7/10 (based on breakfast menu), (9/10) for Hearty Fufu

Price: 5/10

Ambiance: 7/10

Would I Return?: Yes, for the Hearty Fufu and also to try the rest of the dishes!

*disclaimer: all opinions are my own and may differ from others"


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