Anjappar Indian Chettinad Restaurant @ Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur


My love for Indian cuisine grew in me all of a sudden. Growing up, I had always liked eating roti canai and I've only ever tried the different varieties of the roti(s). My first ever banana leaf rice experience was last year and only then did I realised that there're actually so much more to the cuisine that I've yet to try.

A thing about me is that I have to eat cuisines in the most authentic way possible. I don't like the idea of traditional dishes being given a modern touch. Low key referring to all the different versions of nasi lemak that we now have. Seriously though, nasi lemak cheesecake? *facepalms*

Anyway, I was craving for biryani so I asked my friend, Shalini to bring me for some authentic biryani and that was how we ended up in Anjappar.
Anjappar was founded in Chennai, India in 1964 and even has franchises in Australia, Canada, United States and a few more countries.
We arrived before 12pm on a Thursday and it was already packed with working adults that were most probably here for their lunch break. The crowd didn't stopped even when we were done eating.
After ordering, you'll be given banana leafs. I immediately label a restaurant as authentic when they provide the whole traditional eating experience. Forget about the plates, let's do it the authentic way.
  I wanted to try their vegetarian biryani but they only serve it on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. If I have to be honest, I was a little bumped. So I went for the plain biryani (RM10) instead. The plain biryani is from the mutton biryani but without the meat. I wasn't too keen as I don't eat mutton and I know that mutton has a very strong taste but it turned out alright and there wasn't any meaty odour.
  My friend went for the Chicken Biryani (RM17) and there's a huge chunk of chicken and a hard-boiled egg hidden in the biryani. Do note that the portion is really big that I had to take away half of mine. So if you're a small eater, you might have to share it. 
I've never tried actual biryani before so I can't do any comparison but mind you, this biryani is good! It is strongly infused with the herbs and spices. It tastes good on its own but even better when you have it with the curry! I'm not a fan of the yoghurt though.
  I went there for the second time in the same week because during my first visit, I saw this couple next to us having the Thali dish and I had been craving for it ever since. Thali is the Indian name for the round platter that is used to serve the food. It also refers to the Indian-style meal that is made up of various dishes.
I had the vegetarian meal (RM14). It comes with a big bowl of white rice, 8 small dishes, chapatti and a poppadom. I didn't liked it that much because after tasting a savoury dish that was packed with strong flavours during my first visit, this meal tasted rather bland. The only side dish I liked was the lentil dhal. The rest were mediocre.
Chicken Tikka Masala (RM18). Price is slightly pricey for that 7 tiny pieces of chicken but they are really savoury. Each pieces are packed with flavours that would make you wanting more.

During my second visit, I left the place feeling rather disappointed and unsatisfied. I really do need to go back again for the biryani! Shalini also told me that the biryani is better over at their Bangsar branch so I guess that is where I will be heading to next.


FOOD: 7.5/10 for overall but 9/10 for the biryani itself!You can try the Thali dish for the experience but you can skip it and try the biryani if you want your Indian food cravings fixed!

PRICE: 6/10 [$$], some are reasonable but most dishes are on the pricier side

WOULD I RETURN?: Yes! There're so many more Indian dishes on the menu that I have yet to try.

*disclaimer: all opinions are my own and may vary to others*


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