Why Am I Starting A Blog


      My first blog post might be a little "wordy" as this is more of like an explanation post. Anyway, I"m pretty sure many of you are confuse as to why am I starting a blog and not just stick with Youtube. Oh, btw if you do not know that I have a channel, well you can go and have a look.

    I had always love reading blogs/articles online be it fashion ones, recipes, remedies etc. and the idea of starting a blog just came to me. I am the type of person that would ask Mr. Google everything. "Do I have to cook the broccoli before putting it on my pizza?" "Are sweet potatoes healthier than potatoes?".  I can literally spend the whole day on Google,  searching for information and learning new things.

     Ok let me just go straight to the point 😂  The main topic that I would be blogging about is food. For the past months, I've somehow developed a habit of reading food reviews and articles before I go to a particular place to eat. I would look up for the menu and see whether is it within my budget and whether are the food there up to my likings. This habit is a good one and it definitely helped me a lot so that is why I would love to help people too!

    So, expect more food reviews for the upcoming posts. I already have a few planned out. I hope you are as excited as I am because blogging is definitely my new found passion. I would see how I feel about blogging and would then slowly posts more different topics (fashion,travel,tips, recipes).



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