First Impression On Canmake, Catrice, Maybelline, Rimmel [DRUGSTORE]

  I think I'm finally entering the phase of loving makeup. Before this, I never really cared much or went crazy over makeup. There was even one video of mine where I mentioned that I hate putting on makeup. Well, I guess not anymore. 

 I'm the type of person that you would call, unadventurous. I'll use a product and will keep repurchasing it. Call me boring, but I just can't be bothered to try new ones. This year, I've made up my mind that I am going to try more new makeup products! If you've been watching my Youtube videos, you would surely know that I'm using the 4th Maybelline's Instant Age Rewind concealer and that I had been using my  Mary Kay liquid foundation for more than 4 years. Well, it's time to put a pause on those and explore some new ones to try.

  I find trying new products really exciting because sometimes you may find some gems or.... the other way round. I did a mini makeup splurge during the recent Guardian sales and had gotten some makeup that I never thought I would get. I've filmed a Chatty Full Face of First Impression video so you can click here to watch. 

  Anyway, let's just get straight to the products that I recently tried.


Does It Work?

This is my skin before applying the BB cream. Many red spots and tiny bumps, rough skin, just eww.
This is after one layer of the BB cream. Skin looks smooth, red spots still can be seen a little.
This is how I apply it. I dot a few dots and spread it out evenly. 
This is after applying the second layer. Skin looks even smoother, redness reduced but still needs concealer.
What I Think About It?
  1. Easy to spread on skin
  2. Really light formula
  3. Light coverage
  4. Felt a bit oily and sticky but I used it again the next day and it was alright.
Is It Worth The Money?

Yes and No. 

It's a yes for those of you that care more about the function. I really like that it's a one stop solution kind of product and the fact that it has SPF 50!! If you're more to the light makeup look and cares about your skin, this product is perfect for that. 

It's a no if you're here for the quantity. For that small tube of BB cream, it is a bit pricey for a drugstore product.

What I Think About It?

  A lighter formula compared to the Instant Age Rewind concealer. It doesn't crease under the eyes like the Maybelline's one does. On the other note, lighter formula do means that it has lighter coverage hence why it doesn't really do much at concealing spots.                                        
Is It Worth The Money?

RM18.77 for a tiny and slim tube of concealer is a bit on a steeper price seeing that it's a drugstore product.
What I Think About It?

Really not a fan of the packaging. Very troublesome especially when I want to use the mirror and apply the powder at the same time. Would prefer it without the separate compartments. As for the product itself, nothing much to shout about. I still have yet to try it properly.
What I Think About It?

This will be the product that'll be in my makeup bag, everywhere I go. Such a gem. I've always love using products that have multiple functions. You can use this as a highlighter, eyeshadow and even eyeliner. A really pretty and light bronzed colour that'll make any makeup looks, look alive. Have I mentioned that it's really pigmented as well?
[I couldn't find the price of the product]

5) Catrice Kohl Kajal 140 (Chocowaves) *forgotten to take picture of it*

  What I Think About It?
  1. Glides smoothly
  2. Makes tight lining really easy. I've never tight line before because the eyeliner pencils that I used before this makes it difficult for me to tight line. With this smooth pencil, I don't have a problem with tight lining.
  3. Very pigmented
Is It Worth It?

For a decent eyeliner pencil for only RM11.22, a big YES! Another gem found!

What I Think About It?

If you're into really dark mascara, this might be the one for you. It does a great job at lengthening but not much at curling it upwards. As you can see from the pictures below, my eyelashes ended up looking straight than curled. I think they look like spider legs. 
Is It Worth The Money?

Not for me. 

  What I Think About It?
  1. Drys off quick
  2. Doesn't crack up the lips
  3. Love the formula. Not drying
  4. This shade doesn't suits me

So that wraps up today's post. It's rather a long one but I really do hope that you may find it helpful in some way! Let me know if you like beauty related blog posts too x Bye!


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