Why We Should Start Using iLearnAce?

Hey guys, so you know how every time when I discover new study tips, tools or platform, I will surely and definitely share it with you right? So, I've recently found out about this education platform called "i-LearnAce" and I'm confident enough to say that this might be the solution for everyone!


Surely everyone know Sasbadi right? Well, iLearnAce is under a company called MindTech, which is under Sasbadi. iLearnAce started back in 2016 and the number of users had been increasing ever since. It is a Mobile-learning platform and is available both online and offline.

They offer features such as notes, mind maps, assessments, progress etc. There are more than 100,000 pages of notes and more than 300,000 exercises which is equivalent to RM8000 reference books and work books.

Why iLearnAce?
  1. It is under Sasbadi and it is safe to say that they are Malaysia’s top education company. 
  2. All contents are from Sasbadi and The Malaya Press, and they are all up to date with the syllabus.

There are two types of subscription:
  1. 180 days - RM160 (0% GST)
  2. 365 days - RM330 (O% GST)
  • You are only paying RM0.90 per day
  • You have access to notes and exercises of all subjects
Watch my new video to find out more/in more details https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYjfxXw7F3I

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