MyBurgerLab @ Mytown, Cheras

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 It was a late Sunday night and I was just scrolling through Instagram, catching up with everyone's Instastories, going on the explore page and stalking food accounts (I stalk food, not people). I spend a good half an hour, staring at pictures of burgers, which is rather rare as I don't fancy burgers. I then went to bed that night with a huge craving for burgers. I was literally having a mad attack for burgers.

 The next day, I was still craving for a goddamn burger ok. The only place that came to my mind that could possibly fix that craving of mine was MyBurgerLab so I went and search for their Instagram. Andddd..... guess what? That very week, MyBurgerLab opened a new outlet in Cheras! I literally shouted "OMGGGG YAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS (it was a long one)!" aloud and started telling my friends and family about it! So that's my little story. 

 I had always wanted to try MBL but their other outlets are too far from where I stay and it's really inconvenient to get there. The next day itself, dad and I went to MBL for lunch. We went there around 12:30pm and it was already almost full. Minutes later, they had to put up the "45 mins waiting time" sign up. Yup, it really was an exciting week for us Cheras peeps.
Ultraman (RM19) aka The Salted Egg Yolk Burger 
 It's description says that it is their "Famous salted egg yolk burger paired with a mild curry mayo slathered over a Thai style marinated fried chicken thigh". Honestly, I wasn't quite sure about pairing salted egg yolk with Thai tasting food? Still, I gave it a go anyway because it sounds the most interesting one. The burgers do take longer than usual to arrive but good things take time and the burgers here are prepared upon order which is what I like about them. One of the main reason why I don't eat burgers is because I don't eat processed meat or pre-cooked meat.

The first bite. It was amazing. I was Wow-ed. To watch my reaction, click here [3:30]. The salted egg yolk goes so well with the Thai marinated chicken. I loved the Thai flavouring of the chicken. I savoured every bite. The only thing I have to say is that the fried chicken was a bit too oily. A thing that turns me off when it comes to food is the oil. I had to take a tissue and dab off some of the oil. Do note that this burger might make a bit of a mess from the egg yolk sauce. The chicken was really juicy, i'm serious. I rate this 9/10.
Pretty sure you've heard of the famous burger joint, In-N-Out in the States right? Well, this is their The In-N-Out Tribute (RM23.50). It's description says that it is a "Double sharp cheddar beef patty seared with mustard + secret sauce".  I don't eat beef so only dad tried it and he said that it was good. To watch his reaction, click here [4:24]
 Now this, ladies and gentleman, is what we call a burger. If this does not fix anyone's burger cravings, I don't know what else would do. This is their Bait & Switch (RM17). It's description says that it is a "Fried chicken thigh paired with spicy and tangy bell pepper relish, cilantro, red onions and Kelantanese Budu sauce".

 As much as I love the Ultraman, I would choose this over it as I love a kick of tanginess, sourness and spice in my food. This felt like a summer holiday in my mouth. The cilantros and red onions really gave it a more fresh and raw flavour. This is definitely a more savoury burger.
As for the sides (pay additional RM4.50), there are choices of fries, nachos or their umami mashed potato with either beef gravy or mushroom gravy. I had the Mashed Potato with mushroom gravy. Nothing much to shout about though my friend ordered the fries which are seasoned with fresh Rosemary and Thyme and it was good. It is just at the perfect fries size.


Food: 8.5/10 

Price: 6/10 [$$] Quite pricey but you do get a good portion of it {big chicky} and for the one of a kind flavour combinations in a burger. 

Ambiance: Service at the MyTown outlet was really slow but I get that they've just opened and their workers are still under training. *update as of July'18* [They now have a counter at the front where you order and pay ots like in MCD's and then you'll get a beeper thing, and when your food is ready, you'll have to collect it yourself]

Would I Return?: Yes! I'm still waiting for the Nasi Lemak Ayam Rendang, Bulbasaur and the rest of the gang to arrive at this outlet! *update as of July'18* [The whole gang is now there]

[disclaimer: all opinions are my own and may vary from others]


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